Disc-Connected K9s – World Famous Frisbee Dogs!

Daily – See Schedule

Disc-Connected K9s is an extraordinary team of world-class canine athletes showcasing incredible disc dog performances. These talented dogs, led by skilled trainers, perform thrilling tricks and high-flying stunts, demonstrating agility, speed, and precision. Their captivating shows not only entertain audiences of all ages but also highlight the importance of physical activity and the bond between dogs and their handlers. The Disc-Connected K9s have been featured in numerous events and competitions, earning accolades for their outstanding performances and dedication to the sport of canine disc

Website: k9frisbee.com

Axe Women Loggers of Maine

Axe Women Loggers of Maine

Daily – 12pm, 3pm & 5pm

When you want great old-fashioned family fun, the Axe Women Loggers of Maine show is where it’s at! The all-female timber sports athletes are world champion choppers, sawyers, logrollers and axe throwers! Individuals in the group hold several world records and titles!

Website: Axe Women


Daily – See Schedule

High Flying dogs aquatic event – What an exciting event!! Trained and untrained local dogs that love the water compete in Waves leaping out over a pool chasing after their favorite toy. The winner of the Wave is the one that jumped the furthest distance into the pool.

Website: DockDogs

Ben Risney – Wood Sculpture

Daily – 11:00am, 1:00pm & 4:00pm

Watch in amazement as a tree log turns into a life-size horse with a flying mane, an angry bear, a reflective Native American chief, a rustic old boot, or a soaring eagle before your very eyes. Ben Risney is a Master Carver you will not want to miss.